Hello, gorgeous.

I'm Haley Elizabeth Urban

A dog-loving, travel-addicted boudoir photographer based in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'm passionate about showing women how incredibly beautiful they are and bringing their confidence to life.


Zodiac Sign

I'm a Libra. Born October 7th.


Relationship Status

Engaged to my lover of 7 years.


3 favorite things

My family, my dog and a good mystery novel.



Anywhere. I love to travel and try to see different places every time! 

Guilty Pleasure

I love a good romance novel.


3 words to describe you

Caring. Feminist. Determined.


Last Meal

Sushi or a big bowl of mashed potatoes.


A Normal Day for Me

When I'm not at the studio, I'm binge-watching Netflix or plane-hopping.


As Featured in


Featured in The Revelist
Model Throwdown
The Huffington Post
Philosophie Magazine


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Distinguished Member of Do More Photographers
Featured Photographer - Do More Photographers
Association of International Boudoir Photographers